Content Creation Membership

As a virtual assistant, you know the need for good content. The problem is, content is everywhere. Facebook, Email, Instagram, TikTok… and it’s a fast paced world. Creating content is purely a skill, but we don’t want to just create content. We want to create content that converts. Yes, inspirational quotes to have their say… and might get you a few hearts on Instagram, but here’s a better quote to aspire to:

A business that isn’t making money is just a hobby.

If you are reading this, I know you want more than a hobby.

I want to empower you with the skillset of calling in exactly who you want to work with as a virtual assistant using your content. Once you learn this skill, you can also use it for your clients. {win-win} — it’s a double investment.

This is only for women who want to take action in their business today, not for someone who is going to purchase the membership and let it sit…

If you implement, you will make money in your business.

I know you have gifts that you want to share with the world… and maybe your content is slowing it from coming out. Maybe you want to be a virtual assistant and create courses for your clients or create graphics for health coaches. Whatever your niche, if you struggle with ‘what do I post today’ or have ever thought “Is my time on social media a waste?” this membership is for you.

We will cover ALL the platforms, including: Facebook, Email Marketing, TikTok, Instagram

Along with giving you the exact tools and strategies that I’ve made into a tested system, you’ll receive:

  • 1x weekly Video/Audio training about repurposing your content the smart way
  • 1x weekly Template to use on social media
  • 1x Set of stock photos for use on social media
  • 1x weekly Set of Captions for Instagram
  • 1x Checklist or Workbook for Creating new content Ideas
  • a few surprise bonuses along the way!

I’m so excited to watch your content skills transform! I hope your calendars are ready to be booked!

There’s currently two membership options:

All In Membership
Includes extras like:

VIP Private Voxer Access for 1-1 support for one week a month 

1x 30 minute Support Call if needed after all trainings

1x Review of all Social Media Accounts + Website

Payment Plan:

Content Creation Membership
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Payment Plan:
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